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4699 Broom with Long Stainless Steel Rod and Extendable Cobweb Cleaner Stick

₹ 999

₹ 1,750


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 pcs

Multi Purpose Long Stainless Steel Rod and Extendable Broom Cleaner Stick Handle Brush use in Fan, Ceiling, and Roof Cleaning

It Is Basically a multipurpose broom that can be used to clean ceilings, fans, lights and floors too. This broom consists of extendable handle that can be extended and shortened according to the user. Premium Lightweight Easy-to-use Duster.

?? Flexible, fan Celling Mop the head is great for fan cleaner blinds, ceiling , crown moulding, bookshelves
?? Washing Duster Made with Microfiber. Picks Up Dirt and Dust Without Damaging Delicate Surfaces,
?? Without Scratching and Without The Use of Chemicals.
?? Long Plastic Handle Allows You To Reach Hard-To-Reach Corners, It Is Soft, Super-Absorbent and Quick Drying Duster
?? It is great for you to clean your car, auto and also can be use for house working
?? High quality and able to work very well
?? Useful in working flexibly across any location
?? Also very easy to wash after use work
?? A product that works well with very little effort
?? Useful for easy cleaning in every place

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