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1778 Aluminium Self Adhesive Foil Tape Pack of 2

₹ 750

₹ 1,499


Self-Adhesive Insulation Resistant High Temperature Heat Reflective Aluminium Foil Duct Tape Roll

It maintains good flexibility, strong adhesion, and can withstand a certain degree of displacement, and the deformation has good followability. It has weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance, and has a seal, vibration damping and protection on the surface. Very easy to use, just remove the peeled film and seal the butyl tape anywhere you need it. This sealing tape is widely used in building roofs, surface cracks, RV repairs, windows, marine seals, glass and roof repairs. Waterproof, sealed and resistant to UV rays (daylight).

- Clean the surface dust to ensure it is clean and dry.
- Choose the right size to tear off the base film of the tape.
- Stick the tape to the gap.
- Tamp down press the tape to make it fully posted.


High quality - Butyl rubber raw material
Super Strong Adhesive: Once properly applied, the butyl molecules can blend into the working surface as one. The aluminum foil seals out flood in water with ease and do not need to set extra water block layer.

Wear Resistant Surface: Unlike many traditional putty tapes, Fowong upgraded wear-resistant aluminum layer can avoid fracture after scratching or heavy load.

Insulate Both Water And Heat: It can adapt to most kinds of weather; you can use the butyl seal tape between 5 to 113 degrees F. Its strong adhesive backing expertly insulate water and heat. Your ideal tool for Home, Auto, Outdoors and etc.

Colloid upset: Butyl waterproof tape is convenient for construction. Cut as much as you want, high temperature corrosion resistance.

Viscous force strong: Adopt butyl rubber, do not overflow glue. High ductility and good toughness.

High temperature resistance: Thicken metal squares are more durable in temperature resistance.

Long scratch-resistant: Aluminum surface film wear-resistant anti-aging long life.


Multi-functional tape, easy to use.
Thicker tape, more viscous and longer lasting.
Repair wall cracks and use the roof for waterproofing.
The smooth surface tape has a high reflectivity and is more thermally insulated.
Aluminum foil material, not afraid of scratching, anti-friction, high temperature resistance.



Item Name: Aluminum Foil Tape
Material: Aluminum Foil
Size: 5 cm x 5 meter,
Colour: Silver
Features: Waterproof, UV/Heat/Cold Resistant, Adhesive, Leak Proof


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