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1427 Flexible Plastic Cleaning Brush for Home, Kitchen and Bathroom,

₹ 170

₹ 250


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 pcs

??? Plastic Flexible Cleaning Brush ??? 

Special concave convex antiskid design. It is durable and bent at will. Non fading colour. Peripheral hook is convenient for saving space. Clean your kitchen faucets, bathroom pots, bowls, etc. A great cleaning tool and extremely handy.

Brushes are great for cleaning, but the problem is that most of them will not bend the way that you want them to. But that is what makes this flexible cleaning brush different. The brush bends the way that you need it to bend so that you are able to clean all of the crevices with ease.


? Multipurpose Flexible Brush

?? Designed to reach unreachable parts of your kitchen, bathroom and home.
?? The Brush is Flexible and bendable, to reach any corner and offers convenient cleaning
?? Designed & manufactured with long-term durability in mind
?? Premium quality bristles for durability


? Uses of Multipurpose Flexible Brush

?? Bathroom: Useful to clean the inaccessible corners and edges and bathroom floor. Can be used as toilet brush for WC.
?? Kitchen: Can be used to clean pots, pans and utensils as well as kitchen sink
?? Cloths: Useful for clothes cleaning and washing, flexibility of the brush gives added advantage and convenience
?? Household: Useful as floor cleaning brush, wall cleaning brush, and inaccessible corners cleaning brush with the flexibility of the brush For Cleaning Water Taps Flexible brush comes handy for cleaning of water taps of all sort Reachs every tricky and unreachable corner with its flexibility Takes the shape as per the requirement and making it most efficient cleaning tool at your home.

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