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1347 Selfie Sticks Box with Aux Wire for All Smart Phones

₹ 270

₹ 400


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 pcs

Selfie Sticks Box with Aux Wire for All Smart Phones

Selfies are more than just a trend. There may be times you’d find yourself in an awesome place or situation and there’s no one else to take a photograph of you in it. Take snapshots of these memories with you in it with these Mobile Selfie Add-ons You may also use these add-ons in video diaries or blogs, when you’re hiking or camping, weddings, parties, the beach, concerts, aerial photos, sports events and so a great deal more. The best part is great handy device for taking photos anywhere without asking another person, you may take group photos with all of your friends-no one really has to miss the shot because he had to be the one to take the photo. You could all be in it with these Mobile Selfie add-ons. 

Features :

Built-in Tripod:

2 in 1 selfie stick tripod with built-in Wireless remote, perfect for solo or group selfies

Wireless Remote Control:

Wireless connection range


Compact design to take this selfie stick everywhere you go. Does not weight much even when carrying in pocket.

Rotable Design:

With a 225°adjustable rotation head and 360°rotatable phone holder, choose the best angle to take photos.

Adjustable Holder:

The max extension can up to 3.3 inch wide, works with most iPhone or Android smartphones.

Easy to Set Up

Step 1.Turn on the shutter by pressing the camera button on remote , it will enter into pairing mode and indicator LED flash quickly.

Step 2. Active the function on your phone and sourcing the devices around.

Step 3. Select the device from the list and pairing will be finished automatically in few seconds.

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